On-site visit vs. planning from the office

What is the best way to start the implementation of your own wine cellar? All beginnings are difficult, but we support you in the best possible way from the first thought.

Of course, we are also happy to come on site to take care of such things together. This is the safest and, above all, the most personal option for planning your wine cellar. This also works with construction managers, tradesmen or relatives who are on site in case you can’t.

With modern communication tools, you can plan a wine cellar from the office. If you have plans of your basement premises, the mass already taken or even have pictures, we can also plan your basement from the “distance”.

However, details such as “Are the walls and floor straight?” or “Are there obstructions such as windows, wiring, or electrical outlets?” remain important. Exactly these elements we plan with, after the first sight and in constant consultation.