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Questions and answers

You can find the most important questions and answers here. Take a quick look.

Start and selection

This essentially depends on your personal needs. By this we mean, above all, the type and quantity of wines to be stored as well as the space available. We recommend that you go through the following questions:

  • What kind of bottles do I want to store? Are these Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and/or Magnum bottles, spirits or other bottle formats?
  • What quantities of a variety do I have to store? Are these single bottles, boxes of 6 or 12, or other quantities?
  • How much space do I have available? Is that a whole basement or a corner in a room?

If you feel unsure, we are always here to help and advise you. We look forward to hearing from you.

There are two options for the starting gun:

  • On-site consultation: we will be happy to visit you for a personal meeting, but also for the extent of the location. For this service we charge a flat rate of CHF 250 nationwide.
  • Planning from the office: if you have plans of your location and also provide pictures, we can plan from the office. The planning ex office costs 150 CHF.

Both variants each include a visualization including a round of adjustments. Further costs are then discussed and agreed directly with the customer.

Customization and also shelves made to measure are easily possible. Here we always start from our standard offer and see if simple adaptations to the existing grid are sufficient or if a wine rack made to measure comes into question.

There is no situation for which we can not build the right wine rack.

Wine rack and production

The wine racks are produced exclusively from Swiss fir wood and are 100% FSC pure. This means that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests, where only as much wood is felled as the forest can handle. The battens are cut in such a way that we obtain an extremely low knot appearance. If, however, traces of branches are unavoidable, they are installed in such a way that they do not interfere visually. In addition to the wood, the only other materials used are metal clamps and a water-based stain.

CaveauStar is 100% swiss made! From the tree to your wine cellar, everything is processed in Switzerland. The wine racks are produced in cooperation with a carpenter's workshop, which offers adapted work and apprenticeship places to people with limited abilities.


We try to serve all customers as soon as possible and inform you directly about the effective delivery time in each case. So it may well be that you will receive your wine rack sooner. But speed is not always the trump card! This is true for wine, but also for our wine racks. CaveauStar produces exclusively to order. This prevents space-intensive warehousing, which would be unavoidable with the large number of models. Everything is manual work and therefore needs time, which we gladly grant our dedicated employees. We try to prevent unnecessary freight trips and bundle our deliveries. Thus, we have full utilization and the environment no unnecessary emissions.

The delivery costs, which are shown to you when you place an order, are a provisional estimate and will be bindingly defined by us when we confirm the order. Depending on the size of the order and the delivery method (by a carrier or directly by us), the delivery costs may vary. However, in order to be able to give an approximate framework already when placing an order, we have decided to give at least an estimate that circumscribes the approximate amount

The wine racks are delivered ready assembled. Only in this way can we guarantee the desired stability, which we also expect from the wine racks. And the independent assembly is now really not everyone's / woman thing ... 🙂

Direct deliveries by us we arrange with you on an appointment. However, deliveries by a transporter are also notified in advance by telephone.


Of course, we are also happy to come on site to take care of such things together. This is the safest and, above all, the most personal option for planning your wine cellar. This also works with construction managers, tradesmen or relatives who are on site in case you can't.

With modern communication tools, you can plan a wine cellar from the office. If you have plans of your basement premises, the mass already taken or even have pictures, we can also plan your basement from the "distance".

Professional advice and planning of your project is an absolute added value for us. However, an on-site visit including discussions and subsequent planning causes effort and expenses, which we usually charge with a lump sum of 250 CHF. A consultation and planning ex office is estimated at 150 CHF. Both variants each include a visualization including a round of adjustments. Further costs are then discussed and agreed directly with the customer.

If the cellar floor is level, the wine racks can be placed without fixing them to the wall. The stable processing in combination with the weight of the bottles provides sufficient stability. If you have several wine racks from CaveauStar, we recommend fixing/connecting the wine racks laterally. In particular, connections across the corner provide perfect stability.


From single rack to complete wine cellar

We accompany you on the way to your own wine cellar

From the idea to the consultation up to and including furnishing - everything from a single source.

Our services

  • Consultation ex office including visualization according to plan and pictures, from 150 CHF
  • On-site consultation including visualization, from 250 CHF

Your possibilities

CaveauStar acts as a GU and coordinates with local craftsmen:

  • Air conditioning of your wine cellar
  • Conversion according to agreement
  • Lighting solutions
  • Wine refrigerators
  • Your wish?
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