The wine racks shown here belong to the CLASSICS of our assortment. The constant demand shows that these wine racks are well received by customers and are often purchased. They thus cover frequently occurring needs in wine storage and are reliable buying tips for your own cellar.

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Wood species: Fir / Wood origin: Switzerland

Customer testimonials

I enjoy the beautiful frame every day and have also received many compliments on it. So thanks again also for the competent advice, the fast delivery and the personal assembly in my basement. Hammer!!!

I am very pleased with the redesigned interior of my wine storage facility. It is very good and I enjoy sorting wines or picking out a bottle. Thanks again for the prompt delivery and good service.

I am also happy to give extremely positive feedback on the delivered rack: workmanship and quality of the rack are excellent and I am highly satisfied with it! Likewise, the delivery has worked flawlessly. Many thanks for that.

Product, advice and service are impeccable. I enjoy the wine cellar in the newly acquired house. The wine racks are exactly what I was looking for.

The wine rack is in my basement since today, it fits exactly to the centimeter. Perfect!

Your wine rack fits great in our cellar. Now, finally, order has come into it. The overview is now perfect, and it can no longer happen that you forget a wine, and then it becomes too old to drink it anymore.

Thanks... We are very satisfied... You can not put away more beautiful! ;)

The cellar is set up and all the wines fit in! :-)) Everything super!

Thank you for the impeccable service. I have a great pleasure in my wine cellar and will recommend them.

I am very happy with the wine racks and enjoy them every day. Thanks again for the perfect planning and installation.

We have to thank, the wine racks are flawless and already in use!

With pleasure I put my wine collection on the shelves, I am very satisfied, especially the visual impression is convincing.

The shelf fits perfectly in the basement and serves its purpose perfectly. We are convinced that we have chosen the right company and the right product. Thank you very much.

Yes, the racks are a real pleasure. It is a very good quality and now I finally have the overview. It's a shame that certain bottle shapes are difficult to stack, but that's not their fault.

Until now - and I suspect for a long time - the beautiful shelf in the basement gives me pleasure. I will recommend this product to others as far as possible. Thanks also for the decorating tips. Purely intuitively, I already put the bottles in this way because it seemed nicer that way.

We have to thank you for the good solutions and fast service.

Caveaustar products are a real pleasure & finally our wine bottles have been given a worthy place.

The many individual bottles and minimal stocks can now be overlooked, and so we can now also reduce them in a targeted manner. The fact that I can flexibly create space for larger stocks per variety in future new arrivals by removing individual trays will certainly prove very useful. So now there is order in our small wine inventory.